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Free Registration!

Apoxest is currently providing FREE, registration to establish communication with users. We want to help you do your job quicker ... and better. To do this we need your feedback, good or bad!

Apoxest is offering customized programming services to users on a broad scale. Be a part of our development team! Report problems, ask for additional features, options, and more! See them implemented in the next release. The top 100 contributing registered users to the development and refining of the Construction Calculator Lite will be awarded a FREE registration for version 1.0. (Ranking of comments and suggestions, feedback in general, is at the sole discretion of Apoxest.)

Registering the Construction Calculator Lite removes the Trial period notice located in the lower right corner of any bid packaged report. By registering the program, you are agreeing to provide Apoxest with some feedback, thereby becoming eligible for FREE registration of version 1.0.

Register your copy today! In the Construction Calculator Lite
1. Click on the Help, Register menu option, then
2. Click on the User Registration Info button
3. Complete the form, click the Save button
4. Enter Order ID number 1000 and click the Email Registration button
5. Wait to receive your registration key file and instructions on how to install it

Please be aware version 0.91 is a Beta release, it expires in 30 days without registration, 90 days once registered. When the program expires, running it invokes the Registration window and then shuts down. Information entered into the program is saved and can be accessed again by either registering (30 day expiration) or installing a new, more recent version of the program from Downloads. Registration is Free until Version 1.0

We have a few more software programs waiting to be polished (management software for projects, personnel, safety, contacts, and membership). Before continuing, feedback is essential. The programs are functional, but never released. Users interested in becoming a qualified software Beta Tester, please view our Beta Tester Wanted page..


*** Note:        Apoxest posted the Construction Calculator Lite Version 1.0 for downloading in September 2006. Version 1.0 has been rolled back to version 0.91. Do not install 0.91 over 1.0! If you downloaded and installed version 1.0 (CCL10Install.exe), please contact us at Marketing. Apoxest would like to make you a special offer.

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