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Construction Calculator Lite

Allow me to introduce a construction estimating software tool which has the potential to reduce the time and expense of completing an accurate job bid. Your livelihood relies on your ability to produce fast, accurate bids however, the complexity of producing a bid has increased dramatically over the years. The Construction Calculator Lite is easy to use, adaptable to changing conditions, increases the quality and completeness, provides a multitude of reports with various levels of information, has user definable bid packages, automatically archives submitted estimate(s) for future reference, and allows the data to be electronically transferred to/from any other copy of the program.

The Calculator Lite software provides a familiar interface through a daily time sheet for each crew complete with personnel, equipment, vehicles, tools, and supplies. As one resource is added, additional supporting resources can also be added to prevent omissions or errors. Copy a previously saved estimate or template to speed the process. Resource changes are not a problem, a utility is supplied to update any or all of your current projects with ease. Have two versions of the same project: your cost and the client's price. Need to adjust part of the bid based on generated numbers? Special adjustment factors are included to account for any possible contingency you plan for. On the job and need to know how much would it cost to do something? Different scenarios could be priced done in minutes, on the spot.

Click for screenshots

A bid package is comprised of a few numbers and supporting documents are normally required. Some of these documents can include company information, certifications, policies, procedures, manuals, and more. (Immediate access to external documents in their native program.) The bid package module is included to allow packaging of any system generated report with your own documents complete with optional title and index pages. Show only the information you want and, in any order you choose!

All submissions (estimates) are archived (incoming and outgoing) for future reference to ensure your copy is the same as the client's (or possibly your boss's). Submit the bid either the traditional way (print it) or electronically, packaged for Once your company has been awarded the bid, provide a copy of the estimate to the Superintendent for daily time sheets, project/crew daily requisitions, and more.

Designed as a one-write system, the Construction Calculator Lite software expects to pass it's data around. Email, print, fax (not recommended due to volume), export to Portable Document Format (PDF) or, wrap it up for another copy of the program.

With the Construction Calculator Lite, you'll be in the numbers!

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